2019 Results

IMPORTANT: This year, we tested a new technology for tracking lap times. During the race we expected to have some minor draw backs while it was tested for the first time on a complete event. You will notice some lap times are much longer than others. This means there are multiple laps inside certain times. We have carefully evaluated laps for each team and averaged time to produce overall lap amounts. Your teams position may be subject to +2/-2 or similar, if your tags did not read correctly. We have since rectified this problem for future races.

Why has my position changed?

During the race we can only calculate a basic avarage if your laps were mixed together. If your position has moved, this is because we believe your laps did not reflect an accurate outcome.


61 The Odd Balls
58 Royce
58 Crazy Frog
55 Squeels On Wheels
55 Dreadful Racing
54 Turbo Tec
53 S.P.I.D.E.R
53 Flamin Eck
51 Sinclair Cycles
51 The Gym Tin
51 Flaming Cheaters
50 Forever England
50 Conswervative Racing Team
48 Robert York
47 Inferno
47 New Life Church
47 CAP
44 Challenger 2
44 The Gym Tin
43 Caterpillar Marine
40 1st Milton Scouts
40 Bransgore Scouts
39 Blue Wolves Explorers


47 Inferno
40 Bransgore Scouts
40 1st Milton Scouts
44 Challenger 2
39 Blue Wolves Explorers